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Omama Urara

"Oma Ura"



Age: 24

Height: 4'9"

Gender: Female

Mount of Choice: Ahriman

Minnion of Choice: Beady Eye


Casual Outfit:

* Hempen Hat (Soot Black)

* Hempen Camis (Soot Black)
* Cotton Tights (Soot Black)

* Leonhart Boots


Witch Gear:

* Applewood Staff (Rhontano Blue)

* Cashmere Hat of Casting 

* Kudzu Robe of Casting (Inc Blue)

* Cotton Tights (Soot Black)

* Archaeoskin Halfboots



Reference Sheet


Back Story

   Oma was raised in solitude along with other young children the cult of Bahamut captured, Only knowing black magic rituals and dark caves with nothing but torchlight her perception of this world can be a bit warped. The cult of Bahamut was primarily lala black mages hence the more lalafellen name she was given, though she chooses to go by a shortened more personalized version of that name in her later years as a witch. Still following the teachings of Bahamut she fights using arcane and black magic to destroy anything or one who opposes her will. Her personality is very lax at first but the more excited or worked up she gets about a fight or argument the more her real personality starts to come through. She is very quick-tempered and easily pushed into her more aggressively crazy side. She now travels the lands making money and alleys wherever she can though most others tend to be intimidated by her "KILL, KILL, DIE, DEATH" attitude during quests, conversations and dungeon crawls.

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