Terms Of Service

These will be the rules and stipulations for commissioning me.

Ok first let’s cover the rules of commissioning me.

♡ Just because you request a commission doesn’t mean I’m obligated to take the commission. (I will most likely take the commission though) 
♡ Just because you paid me also doesn’t mean I can’t cancel the commission at any time. (you will be refunded if such circumstances occur)
♡ I do NOT finish any work until I am paid, I do however send a rough sketch to you before you are obligated to pay. Just to go over what you want in the commission
♡ If you do not have the full amount required to fill the commission type you want I can work in payment plans, But this will also prolong your commission’s completion
♡ If you request a refund halfway through a commission I will not refund you and will send you the finished work.
♡ Rude remarks about my work that are unwarranted will result in a cancelled commission, I will block you from contacting me for future works unless formally apologized to.
♡ I do send updates regularly and I will also stream sometimes unless specified not to stream the commission.
♡ I also have the right to make a speed paint out of your commission unless stated not to by the commissioner.

Now let's go over things I'm
willing to draw and things I'm not!


♡Things I will draw♡
Any Age


(no underage nsfw)
Blood and Soft Gore



♡Things I won't draw♡

Hateful Themes
Genital Mutilation
(i absolutely will not draw genital mutilation)

Highly detailed Bgs